Aave News: Aave is Multi Chain, New Liquidity Mining Proposal, & Multi Token Liquidity Incentives

A recap of the Aave ecosystem, November 8th to November 14th 2021

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Aave Weekly ⚡️

The Aave Weekly Newsletter brings readers insights on protocol liquidity, income and other performance metrics.

The Aave Protocol closes week 46 of 2021 with $27.6 billion of liquidity:

  • 40.3% Utilisation, generating $10.8m of estimated interest for depositors

  • $339m of Flash Loan volume, generating $305k of fees for depositors

  • $2.5m liquidated, generating $145k of fees to liquidators

  • $1.3m for the ecosystem collectors now holding $33.6m

  • $12.5m generated by the protocol this week

  • With an additional $4.5m $StkAAVE, $3.0m $WMATIC & $6.6m $WAVAX distributed

    *at the weekly close price

Protocol Liquidity

Protocol Usage

Safety Module

You can download the Aave Weekly pdf from the governance forum.

Risk 🔎

In case you haven’t seen it, check out the Aave Risk Dashboard by Gauntlet at gov.gauntlet.network/aave. The Gauntlet team is particularly keen on iterating on this dashboard for the community and would love feedback via this Google Form.

Aave Grants DAO update 🏗

State of the protocol 📰

Ecosystem 🧉

From grant recipients...

Governance ⚖️

On-chain votes:

Snapshot votes:

Other posts to watch:

Upcoming Events 📆

Water cooler 🆒

Multi token liquidity incentives. V3 will enable multiple assets to be rewarded as liquidity incentives giving Aave governance more flexibility, especially once your favourite rollups start releasing tokens 👀

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